Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brotha Lynch Hung & Siccmade Musicc Presents... Now Eat (2000)

1. The Corpse Came To Dinner -Brotha Lynch
2. In The Tuck -Nit The Pit
3. Fucc A Struggle -Cos
4. Doing Bad -E-Moe
5. Rilla Man -D-Dubb
6. Concrete Jungle -Doomsday
7. I'm That Nigga -T Nutty
8. Sins -Balance
9. Don't Be My Pleasure -First Degree The D.E.
10. Mo Shit -Young Droop
11. I'm A Hustle -Hollow Tip, Mic-C, Young Shade
12. Siccmade Rider -Dubb-Sak
13. Jealous Bitches -Zagg
14. It's Da Mista Nigga -Phonk Beta, Shagg
15. Court Dogg Gon' Ball -Court Dogg
16. It's Going Down -Lowdown
17. Deep -Halfbreed
18. Last Call -Loki


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