Friday, April 30, 2010

DJ Therion Presents Nas & DJ Premier - Hip Hop Is Alive-20

01. Dj Therion_Hip Hop Is Alive Intro
02. Hope (Therion Remix)
03. Destroy & Rebuild (Therion Remix)
04. Come & Get Me
05. Represent
06. You Know My Style (Therion Remix)
07. Life Is What You Make It Ft. Dmx (Therion Remix)
08. Last Real Nigga Alive (Therion Remix)
09. Made You Look (Therion Remix)
10. Premo On Nas
11. N.Y. State Of Mind
12. N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. Ii
13. Small World (Therion Remix)
14. Stillmatic (Therion Remix)
15. Shootouts (Therion Remix)
16. I Gave You Power
17. The World Is Yours (Therion Remix)
18. Life's A Bitch Ft. Az (Therion Remix)
19. Premo On Nas Is Like
20. Nas Is Like
21. It Ain't Hard To Tell (Therion Remix)
22. Rewind (Therion Remix)
23. Fast Life Ft. Kool G Rap (Therion Remix)
24. Success Ft. Jay-Z (Therion Remix)
25. The Flyest Ft. Az (Therion Remix)
26. Memory Lane
27. Dirty Game Ft. Cormega (Therion Remix)
28. One Love (Therion Remix)
29. Surviving The Times (Therion Remix)
30. Classic Ft. Kanye West, Krs-One & Rakim
31. 2Nd Childhood
32. Just A Moment Ft. Quan (Therion Remix)


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  1. Just under 2o days untill the long awaited "Distant Relatives", count down the days with the web site Nas himself endorses on twitter
    Nas Web Site