Friday, April 9, 2010

Ghostride The Whip - The Hyphy Movement 2008

GHOSTRIDE THE WHIP - The Hyphy Movement When witnessed out of context, the visual of someone, or indeed several people walking beside, or dancing on the hood of a moving vehicle with no one behind the wheel is likely to leave you scratching your head. Add to that the often unintelligible slang that the Yay's (Bay) indigenous 'hyphy' movement is famous for; where phrases like 'get dumb', 'go stupid' or 'thizzing' are part of everyday life and you may indeed have the feeling there must be something in the water in Northern California and scratch it off of your vacation spot wish list. Written and directed by DJ Vlad (Hot in Here DVD series, H20 Hip Hop On Demand), produced by Academy/Emmy-nominated Peter Spirer and narrated by none other than Sway Calloway of MTV and the Bay-originated The Wake-Up Show fame, Ghostride the Whip takes you on a journey through the underbelly of the hyphy movement and it's origins, with the help of Bay area rappers like E-40, Keak Da Sneak, MC Hammer, Messy Marv, Mistah FAB and many others. Using the life-stories of Bay area rap legend and cult figure, Mac Dre and his infamous Romper Room Gang as a centerpiece, Ghostride the Whip tells the story of the evolution of the hyphy movement; from it's roots in the migration of the South's black population North in search of a better life, to the poverty and police brutality they found instead. From the rise of the Black Panther Party to the life, career and sudden, tragic shooting death of Mac Dre, the mentality behind the hyphy movement and the cultural legacy Mac Dre left behind is explained by those who witnessed it and those who live it - the slang, the clothes, ghostriding, turf dancing, side shows, cannabis clubs, thizzing - the works; all set to the backdrop of the music that spawned it all. - RUN TIME: 83 minutes + bonus features - FORMAT: Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Widescreen, NTSC - STUDIO: Image Entertainment DESCRIPTION FROM THE PRODUCER: From acclaimed producer/director Peter Spirer (Rhyme & Reason Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel BEEF 1-3) comes the first film to ever capture the energy and danger of hyphy the Hip Hop youth movement exploding out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Experience pure "hyphy" the state of mind celebrated in the music fashion slang and dance of this culture that popularized ghostriding the whip - walking running or dancing next to a moving car. With music by top Bay Area Hip Hop artists Mac Dre E-40 Keak the Sneak the Federation and more GHOSTRIDE THE WHIP is about more than the street parties and sideshows of hyphy: "It's not just a word or a song... it's how we live out there."


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