Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DJ Rell, Juicy J, Project Pat & Bank Mr. 912 - Convicted Felons-2010

1.Intro - Dj Boogaloo/Devin Steele/Dj Rell
2.I Fuck Wit - Juicy J
3.Ga Damn I Need Some Money - Juicy J
4.I Been There I Done That - Juicy J/Bankmr912
5.One Stop Shop - Bankmr912/Juicy J
6.Pussy Was His Name Tho - Juicy J
7.Smithin Wesson - Juicy J
8.Juicy J Speaks
9.Solo Dolo - Juicy J/Bankmr912
10.Old Triple Six - Juicy J
11.Game Recognize Game - Bankmr912/Project Pat/Juicy J
12.Thats What It Is - Bankmr912/Project Pat
13.Boogaloo Speaks
14.Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth - Three Six Mafia/Project Pat/Billy Wes
15.Og Master Kush - Juicy J/Jellyroll
16.Styrofoam Cup - Juicy J/Mac Pooh/New Genises
17.Juicy J Speaks (Twitter)
18.Girl After Girl (Rmx) - Juicy J/Gucci Mane/Nikki Minaj
19.On Yo Marks - Bankmr912/Juicy J/Project Pat
20.Feet Off The Ground - Three Six Mafia
21.Convicted Felon - Project Pat/Juicy J
22.Ike Turner Pimpin - Juicy J/Project Pat/Slim Thug
23.Pesos - Project Pat/Juicy J/V Slash
24.Take Sum - Project Pat
25.Twerk - Project Pat/Juicy J
26.Burglar Bars - Project Pat/Oj Da Juiceman
27.We Beat Yo Ass - V Slash/Lil Reno/Mac Pooh
28.Imma Try Rob You - Mac Pooh/The Kid Track


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